"Samson" 10/25/08

Playing on the Rope,  being instructed to wait.



"Samson" Out For A Swim

Taken on 10-18-08

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Samson kissing my 296 lb - 6 ft - 18 year old   Defense Position  Playin  Nephew  Chris

Just to give you idea how Huge Samson is - He is very Lean & Muscular  and my Biggest Male on my yard 96lbs

Peewee & Samson

Samson makes PeeWee look small - PeeWee.... IS NOT SMALL  

Samson next to PeeWee

Samson is very big - very lean 


"Samson"   with his Great Grandson 

"Samson" April 7th,  08



Samson Is 8 Years old - 26 inch neck.

 And my largest male and very strong, very smart, very everything to extreme.

None of his pups are ever to be owned by Inexperienced pit bull owners,    he's a hog hunting dog,  very loyal, very Powerful and Alpha.

He is Not a social dog,  not animal friendly

A   K-9 officer once told me , he has the personality of a K-9 they would look for on the police force

 because his attention does not leave me for a second.

He's very focused protective and high prey drive.

Not for new owners who are not experienced with alpha dogs and able to train correctly.

Samson ...Going Hog Hunting 





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