(  "Pork Chop"  )

"No Fat.... on this Pork Chop"

Taken  9-7-09



"Pork Chop" Taken 10/26/08



Out for a Walk with Chop     Taken  10-12-08

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August 29th & 30 UKC Event Perry ,Georgia

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August 23rd Bash in Florida


"PorkChop" won 1st Place pulling  3,600 pounds in the 75 and up weight class  Aug 23rd 08'

"PorkChop"  Won at this pull topping out at 2,730 pounds







No Fat on this  -  "PORK CHOP "

This is Not a " Bully Dog "  

He is Almost Unbelievable !!

This is  An OFRN  Pit Bull Terrier  -  ADBA Register Only

Pure Heart & Drive,  Very Intense,  Intelligent, An Extreme Athlete

Loyalty + Pure Muscle = A Powerhouse & Pulling Machine


Pups from Pork Chop  ' Should Not '  be owned by InExperienced APBT owners.

"None of my dogs are bred for Dog fighting"


Pork Chop is an Alpha Dog 

His Weight Ranges  from 84 to 90 lbs

He is Allot of dog to Handle 

He looks better in Person, then you can Even Imagine Here.

And he is a Good boy,

Well behaved and Very Confident Attitude in Social Events

around many other Dogs.


Benenson's  "Pork Chop"










No Need to Exaggerate ......

"Pork Chop" is 86lbs Pure Muscle -  Weighed on  Dec 31 , 07


"Pork Chop"   Does do very well    in social situations   among other dogs -    if  handled properly while leashed 

How Ever - He -  Does Not  Like - Other Alpha / Dominant Males 

He has a high drive for pulling

And his pups will be excellent for pulling Competition.

He is very loyal and intelligent.

All of These photos on this website ( Are  not  stretched ) 

Or enhanced  to make our  dogs appear larger then they are.

We use a High Quality  Sony Cyber Shot  7.2  Mega Pixel   Digital Camera   with  close ups to show full detail.

And we Show actual video feeds so you can see them as they really are.


Video Below of Pork Chop taken 4 /18 / 2008






Video Below taken August 23rd 08

At the Show & WeightPull



Video Below added 0ct 13th 08

Pork chop out on Sunday for a walk interacting and showing his social skills



Nov 29th & 30th 08

Winning 1st place at the ADBA weightpulls



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