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Hog Hunt  3/3/09
HOG HUNT   Mallory Swamp   Jan-1-09


HOG HUNT 02/20/08


Our Pits have caught every hog on this page.

Bay Dogs     "Blue"   1 amazing hound

Owned by DP a very good friend of mine


Bays dogs "NiP' & "TuK" and now "Bubba"   owned by me / rednosepitbullhome.com

Bays bred by DP  =  His Amazing Bay Dogs


We offer free removal and relocation on Ferrell nuisance hogs

We remove them Alive when possible by State Laws 

To a new area - so they can live on.

We do not believe in waste of a healthy young hog.

We do not kill for Sport & No guns are ever used

"Majority of these hogs are released to breed free and live in the wild on a private land"

But once in a while,   we do use them as our food.

And sometimes

'The Law' Requires they are 'Not Allowed to be Removed Alive'

Off State lands from over populating and becoming nuisance.

Other wise we would prefer to take them all ALIVE

to be relocated and released in the wild again on safer lands where they live free.

Wild Hogs are smart, strong, defensive animals.

 And not to be disrespected or taken lightly they can kill your dog if your dog is not protected with wide neck collars and hog vests .


Recently , I was charged and hit so hard in the leg I was thrown 8 ft in the air -  in the darkness.

Could not see anything in pure black woods.

I could have been killed ,   If it wasn't for the quick responses by these dogs you see here.

I really trust my life to these amazing dogs / hunting these wild hogs with no weapons

and never let down by the dogs to do there job.

the bays will fly off a moving truck like a missile on scent

and the Catch Dogs come in like a train 

They work so well together,  natural and driven

The bays will literally part the way As the catch dogs move in.

Its a site to see   working animals   like these

Pictures will never show the ability and team work we have here.

And yet  -

These same dogs adore and love children and family

And put themselves at risk before they let there humans in harms way.

Not for lazy owners, these are working dogs and need work daily to be there best

or negative behaviors will result from boredom, from poor ownership.



DP's  Bay Dogs are Excellent Sound Dogs

Contact DP about the best bays you will ever own.

Click here to Email DP      about an Excellent Bay Dog


--- 01/09/08 ---

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