Our Dog Family Album


Yard Play - Social Training




Photos taken 9-7-09




Photos below taken 12/31/08





Our Christmas 2008'







Bath time for the kids - Dec 08

Thanksgiving 08'


Inside we have Senior Center and Nursery

The Old Lady "FiFi" 10 yrs old   with the puppy "Teeny weenie"  And "Bobo"   and the oldest of the the bunch on the right is Rosie who is 11 yrs old


Playtime with the Family Thanksgiving 08'

Playtime with the Family Thanksgiving 08'


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"PorkChop" Out Walking 

Taken  10-12-08


CIMG0291.JPG (126615 bytes)

"Samson" Swimming & Playing Fetch

Taken   10-18-08



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October 2008

 "Zeus" -"Peewee"- "Moose"



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October 2008

 "Zeus" -"Peewee"- "Moose"


CIMG0217.JPG (62263 bytes)

October 2008

 "Zeus" -"Peewee"- "Moose"


Added 03/30/08 



A Well Balanced Social Pack is a daily routine here 


Added 03/30/08 

"Zues" the Blonde Male 

 trying to Mac with the Ladies, hes getting Scolded n lovin it

Added 03/30/08 


Added 03/30/08 





Ruby  RIP girl

Long Ago ... there Was  " Rambo "... All Heart  

 R.I.P. old boy




R.I.P.... Old Man  "Max" -  Maximus  you lived a long strong life - You will always be a Great Dog 



Our  Young....  "Pork Chop" 

Another Live Ferrell  'Catch  &   Relocate'  of a  Female Hog

By  "Blue"  An Excellent ( Scent n Bay Hound ) owned by DP


Working with Our ( Catch Dog ) "Chevy"   The Come Back King 


Chevy's  sister  " One Eyed Medusa " 





R.I.P.    "Samson"  baby sitting


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