"Chevy"......Going  hog  hunting

DP's  # 1 Bay Dog  "Blue" is amazing on the Left ------"Chevy" & his sister 1 Eyed  "Medussa" 

..Our Red Nose Pit Bulls / on the Right 

after Live Catch Ferrell Sow to be relocated to a private Farm.

Saving local farmers Crops from Damage - FREE of  CHARGE.




This hunt was to relocate this wild female hog to a new farm

Chevy works well with scent hounds, bay dogs

"Chevy" Working Out 1/09/09

CHEV1.JPG (89912 bytes)   CHEV2.JPG (68370 bytes)

"Chevy" Hog Hunt   1/09/09

TROOPNCHEV.JPG (106451 bytes)

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Chevy is unmatched by any of my dogs... as a Catch Dog

A      TRUE   Old Family Red Nose

High Hog Hunting Drive - Super Intelligent - Works with Other Dogs that bay - 

A Super High Drive to Bring Down Wild Pigs " A Natural "

Medium in build - 70 to 75 lbs in weight ...Agile , Fast , Light

He follows Instructions very well.

Excellent with all people and socially behaved around other dogs.

Chevy ....Has a Will  Unmatched ...

 This dog has truly taken his share of battles with WILD HOGS and he has beaten all odds 

Chevy survived death twice from boars,  Cut even wearing Full coverage in  Kevlar  and 4 inch collars

He has brought down boars  4 x  his size

Count to date - 1/16/08  -  154  feral hogs have been Caught

Keeping local farmers crops safe    Free of charge

Do not mistake his working ability as dog fighting ability

This is Not a Fighting Dog

"Chevy"    likes other dogs- he works well  even with snappy hounds who have bitten  him

he does not see them as a challange

he ignores dogs and Only reacts to hog catching by bay calls

"Chevy"   is purely hog focus and saved me a few times from injury

he follows instruction well  &    he knows his job and does it


Bay Dog  "Blue"    is " Owned by DP, 

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If you want a bay dog      that has generations of quality    with Top of the Line  Hog  Bayers 

Proven Over n Over  -  I can speak first hand on this ..... and I'll hook you up with "DP" and his bad ass bays



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