"Benenson's Bull"

"Bull" is  Bolek's  direct son

"Bull" has now gained his Champion Title




Taken    3/13/09

Taken    3/13/09



"Bull" taken 2/18/09

"Bull" taken 2/18/09

"Bull" taken 2/18/09

"Bull" taken 2/18/09

"Bull" taken 2/18/09

"Bull" taken 2/18/09




"Bull" taken March,17th

"Bull" taken March,17th


This is Bull  @ 11 months old

Hooking up the harness

Harness Fitting on Bull , he is 11 months old in these photos

Setting up the cart

So far,     1 block on....

getting the cart loaded 

He's ready

A walk in the park - no effort at all

ok ......  hold up , re adjusting the harness

C'mon Bull !

Ready .....Set

Pull it...!

Good Boy !!!

The Bull """" is on



Came in   ...2nd Place

in the Puppy Division  "07' 

At the First Coast Bully Bash Oct 26th ,07

Bull at the ADBA show Nov 24th & 25    07'

on the 24th he pulled 2160 lbs in under 1 minute placing 3rd ,  Bull is only 1 year old

on the 25th he pulled 1700 lbs placing 3rd Again the next day ,  And he was a little tired from the day before

this dog has only pulled 6 times in his life

He is gonna break records / watch this boy's progress

Photos and point listing should be shown in the ADBA Gazette from this show Nov 07'



"Bull" at the FKC / UKC Show Dec 8th 07

"Bull"   Dec 31, 07        76 lbs


"Bull" July 13th o8

"Bull" Won 1st Place at  the Aug 23rd Show pulling 3,400 pounds

in the 65-to75 weight class



"Bull" at the UKC Show august 29th & 30th 

Won 1st Place Aug 29th Pulling 1,978 Pounds

and Won 1st Place Again Aug 30th Pulling 2,122 Pounds

See The Show Results & Movies ......Click Here



"Bull" Won 2nd & 3rd Place at the ADBA Weight Pulls Nov 29th & 30th 08




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