The Son of

"PeeWee" & "Pebbles"

"Kimbo"    Owned by Mario

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Just Arriving at the Airport ready for his new Home

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Getting friendly with his new family

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Receiving lots of Love and cuddles from My little sister

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Having a rest it has been a busy day

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Out for a walk , Learning his leash training

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Time for Tug O War with my new friend

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Looking Good

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Getting allot of attention.

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Playing with the Ball

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Growing every day.

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Learning how to be social with everybody.

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Eating his Science Diet

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Playtime he Loves to wrestle......... but he must show respect to his elders

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Happy in his new home. "Kimbo"  Nov 3 months old.

"Superman" Oct 08'

"KIMBO"    Before     Going to the Vet for Ear Crop

During     Going to the Vet for Ear Crop

Gonna miss those ears 


After    Ear Crop

 Home after Ear Crop


"Kimbo" 5 months 49 pounds Nov 20, 08


"Kimbo" At 7 months Old  

Jan 21, 2009


"Kimbo"    7 months old    - Plays well with others

"Kimbo"  respects the Old Man   "Gizmo"


"Kimbo"   Pimp

7 months old !!!!!!

King   "Kimbo"



Tru Stud 


He loves his family





I know you wished you kept him for 2009  generation


Amazing "Kimbo"

He's A good boy

"Kimbo" At 7 months Old  

Jan 21, 2009

Believe it........This dog is a Stunner and only 7 months old 


"Kimbo" Feb 09