Out of "Porkchop" & "Ginger"

"Hurley" is owned by Nate H. 

Ty for the photos.


Both pups have excellent temperaments, super muscular! Look at the wide  
chest from "Porkchop", and sway back from "Ginger," both have grandpa  
"Bolok's"  personality, and big head, laid back and chill!
  You have done one great job with your bloodlines! Thank you!

Look at his short wide legs, they are already as big as his mothers!

 He weights 45 pounds and just turned 4 months today!

 He's gonna be super short and super wide, with a major swayback, and a massive head!

4 months old 45 pounds,  SHORT, WIDE!

At the river house, "Hurley"  4 months, kids first Monday off of school!


July 2009

5 months

Hurley 5 months old on left / 59 pounds

Mother n Son

9 months old

9 months old

9 months



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