Owned by Tracy & Scott   in South Africa

12/19/09 "Gucci" at the park

December 24, 2008  "Gucci"  in Training

December 24, 2008 "Gucci" has tons of playmates

Gucci at 6 months 12/26/08

What a face   12/26/08

Part of the family-we all LOVE her!!

 A proud Scott with "Gucci"

Daddy's Girl

 "Gucci" at our local coffee shop in Johannesburg South Africa

Another day, another breakfast in Sunny South Africa

"Gucci" loves playing in the mud

"Gucci" has stolen everyone's heart


12/24/08    What a gorgeous gal


A quick update on Gucci’s progress…..She is really settling in so nicely.

She is half way through her first training course and can already sit, heel and gives her paw when asked.

She loves to please (especially for liver treats) and is such a quick learner which makes my job so much easier.

She is an unbelievable guard dog, nothing gets past her,


she is going for her first swimming lesson in January (YES swimming lesson)

 as she loves the water but obviously is a bit hesitant of going in the pool at the moment.

Her leg is healing nicely, she has another appointment tomorrow morning with the VET but she’ll be fully recovered in no time.

Gucci is receiving so many compliments.

We take her with us everywhere we go and she is the talk of the town.

People already want us to reserve any future pups!