Owned by Anastasios M. 


When he was still with his mother nursing before going to his new home.


At his new home

This is "Diesel"

He is already ripped,  I never had a dog so smart he is practically house broken and already knows how to sit and lay. 

We start puppy training classes next week.  He weighs 24 pounds, 

 I just wanted to thank you for him he is a great dog and I will be sending you more pictures as he grows.



"Diesel" is going on 5 months and he is now 52 lbs of solid muscle,

I take him to the park just about everyday and he is really good with the other dogs that he meets at the park.

 He is doing really well in his puppy classes and I am starting to train him to enter some shows.

 He is really starting to look like his father "PorkChop".

 I guess studs breed studs, Thanks Jeff for the wonderful dog.


This is Diesal at 8 months he is 71 pounds.  He is doing very well in his puppy classes and is very social with all the other dogs at the class. As you can see he is very muscular at eight months and I can't wait to see how he develops.  He is playing with Prada  in two of the pictures.  I will keep sending more pictures to show you how he is growing. Again thanks for selling me this wonderful dog. 

"Diesal"     8 months Old     Here is another picture to show you how well he gets along with the other dogs from the neighbor hood .



Here is diesal at 15 months, he is 95 lbs with a head that is just about 25 inches. 


 He is a great dog that loves to wrestle and run, he goes running with me everyday.

I am so glad that I bought him from you he is a great dog.  I will be sending you pictures of dolce she is 65 pounds and looks great.

Updates January 2009