APA  3rd Annual Georgia Championships

in Waycross, Georgia

October 4th,   2008


This was my 1st time at the APA and the rule is 'If you touch the dog you Foul Out', and that means for ANY  REASON.

Well , somehow "PeeWee" had his leg hung up in the harness, and the Time started and I could not touch him At All to free his leg.

Believe it or Not   "PeeWee" hopped on 3 legs , completed his pull - pulling 1800 pounds.

And I will tell you, It was a sight to see this big boy and his drive to succeed ...despite having 1 less leg.

But Thankfully,  that did not happen again and he was able to Win 2nd Place pulling 2,610 pounds.

"PorkChop" in the 90 pound weight class / Pulled

"Bull" in the 80 pound weight class / Pulled 3,090 pounds / Winning 3rd place


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