My Trip To The

" AADR Show "


Have No Pictures  /  Had No Fun

I left because they told me.........

 (    I had to Take Off My Dogs Collars and put on different ones.  )

Bull Shit

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Dangerous Collars create Dangerous Dogs....?

As most of you know, I go to the local ADBA & UKC and Fun shows and weight pulls alot, 

My dogs have some nice leather spiked collars and matching leashes they wear at ALL the shows, 

Well today at the Dog Show. I was asked to change my dogs collars at a public show, 

That I was invited to personally by a club member.

.. Because my spiked show collars promote a bad image....

My perfectly behaved dogs were stereo typed by other pit owners....because of the collar they wore?

Maybe it should have been the dog or the dogs behavior that mattered......

So they do to me ....exactly what they Oppose being done to them.

Well that was enough for me ...  I Left ...and wont be attending any shows by them in the future.

Supposedly there is more to why they did not want any attention drawn to them, but thats not my problem as a guest at a public show.

The other dogs at this show were unruly and acting aggressively toward other dogs

walking on their two hind legs - by strict restraint - but they were allowed.....That's bull shit 

My dogs were calm and very well behaved and well mannered.

I  Dont Fight My Dogs.... 

I have buyers that are in law enforcment, 

I dont have anything to hide from.. 

So if you don't like my dogs collars ...

Don't invite me to your shows.