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"Onyx" - Owned by Mike


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"Mally"  - Owned By D.O.G. Kennels



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"Oz" - Owned By Southern Pride



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 Owned by Hooterville Kennels



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"WeeMan" Owned by Herman



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"Zeus" - Owned By Confederate Soldiers




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The Twins






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"Tonka" Owned by Jeannie


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"Romeo" & "Ginger"

Owned by Dustin




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"Ty" - Owned By Legacy Bulldogs



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"Blitz" & "Lotus

Lost Breed Kennel


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"Hercules" -  Owned By ATL King Pits


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"Bo" - "Gun" - "Gorilla" - "Kila"

Owned By FB Kennel


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"Hanna" Owned by Michael C.



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"Amulec" & "Wylie"


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"Amulec" & "Wylie"


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Owned by


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Owned by Jeff

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A Special Thanks to Pete

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My Apologies to those I did not get a chance to cover.

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And Thanks to Jen my sister for doing All the Photos for the Show.

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